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At the Bark Bark Club, we’re committed to providing the finest pet services for our animal-loving clients in Chicago and Evanston – including doggy daycare, award-winning dog grooming, and crate-free dog boarding, as well as the best Chicago dog walkers, pet sitters and Chicago dog training.  But our commitment to pets goes beyond providing care for the animals we love.  It means caring for our community and the world around us, too.

That’s why we started a Pet Food Pantry in Chicago to help those who couldn’t afford to feed their pets.  That’s why we’re involved in pet rescue work and gathered pet hair to help absorb oil in the Gulf after the BP spill. It’s also why we are committed to offering more eco-friendly products along with all natural and organic pet foods on our retail site.  We invite you to join the Bark Bark Club community by visiting our location on Chicago’s north side, or add your name to our mailing list and we’ll send you a monthly newsletter with local events, pet tips, and coupons for our services.

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