Exclusive interview with up-and-coming furniture design startup: Interior Define

Interior Define, a member of the VentureSHOT Strategic Growth Program, is a company with a new concept in furniture: thoughtfully designed and well-crafted pieces that are fairly priced and made-to-order. We had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with this young company and learn about where they are headed. 

Q. How was Interior Define Born?
A. Interior Define was founded by Rob Royer, who grew up in an interior design and architecture family, which sparked his interest in furniture and design. In 2013 our CEO, Steve McLearn, came on board and together he, Rob, and our small team worked to secure strong factory relationships. Interior Define was then launched in January 2014.

Q. Every startup faces hiccups as they grow, how have you overcome your obstacles?
A. One of our largest challenges is managing logistics. As you can imagine, producing custom pieces comes with a unique set of problems. From choosing fabrics and lengths, to submitting the orders to our production team, and finally shipping the pieces overseas to our customers’ homes, there are many little steps along the way. We’ve been combatting logistical issues by putting new internal systems into place, which also helps us identify potential problems before they occur. Additionally, by assigning a concierge to each order we are able to provide transparent communication to all of our customers.

Q. What makes the obstacles worth it?
A. We stand behind our product and care about every single customer—it is a true honor for someone to let us produce such a significant piece for his or her home.

Q. Is there something that you’re particularly excited about that's coming in the future?
A. We have a partnership with Stock Manufacturing Co. launching in August. We love partnering with local brands and have worked together to design a very unique collection of pillows that pair perfectly with our sofas. We are also launching a line of down sofas that are plush and incredibly comfortable.

Q. What would you say your main goal is right now?
A. Our immediate goals are to grow and scale our business. We’re in a great spot right now thanks to the craftsmanship and quality that goes into our products, and we believe that we are well positioned to serve a larger audience.

To check out their designs head to the ID website, or follow them on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.