Get Funded! Funding Feeding Frenzy – Angel Investor Preview

In just under a week and a half, VentureSHOT will be hosting the 15th Funding Feeding Frenzy. The FFF is like a local “Shark Tank meets The Apprentice” and has resulted in many different companies getting funded with millions of dollars total.  

Some of the top companies at previous Funding Feeding Frenzy events have received investments between $700,000 and $750,000 each.  Other companies have raised smaller amounts of funding.

A number of dynamic and talented entrepreneurs will present their fast growth companies and funding opportunities in hopes of getting funded by real, live Angel Investors.

VentureSHOT supports entrepreneurs to grow their revenues, scale their businesses, and get funded if needed. The FFF – Angel Investor Preview is squarely focused on getting entrepreneurs funded!

The entrepreneurs will present to a panel of seasoned investors who will then have an opportunity to “Chew them up” in-depth Q&A session. Each Investor Panelist will rate each company as “Fundable, Still Fishing or the dreaded…Go Fund Yourself!”

They’ll get concrete feedback on the areas that need to improve and what would make their presentation and company even more fundable. They could very well meet the lead investor for their current funding round.

It will surely be an exciting night for the presenting companies and Demo Companies.

The demo area will feature a number of Angel Investors on the Demo Table Tour, and the audience will be filled with other entrepreneurs, investors, and potential strategic partners. The demo spots are in high demand, so be sure to reserve your spot at this link.

The Funding Feeding Frenzy on April 3, 2014 and starts at 5:30 pm.  This will be a great night for Chicago entrepreneurs needing to make great connections to grow their revenues, scale their businesses and get funded!

For tickets follow this link.