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Collab-U is an experiential marketing agency that works with tech startups and SMBs to grow their revenues by orchestrating meaningful engagements between brands and consumers. We specialize in live event production, strategic partnerships, and the psychology behind why consumers have the habits they do. Our main goals are to grow sales, customer acquisition, and turning customers into brand advocates.
Moving forward, we are working strategically with digital and social media parties to maximize footprint, impressions, and leads. 
WOW Factors:
  • Grew a partner's user base by 200% and had a 31% acquisition rate throughout a 6-week campaign.
  • Worked with distilleries to cater experiences to foodie & spirits events, generating over 10 million social media impressions from a single event.
  • We've worked with clients to show them how to strategize their storytelling on various mediums (experiential, social media) to leverage more views, create brand awareness, and develop brand equity.
  • Staffing Chicago-wide promotions for larger, nationally known spirits. This was one of our goals for year 2 and we accomplished in 4 months!
  • Signed a contract with Nokia to integrate experiential marketing into day-to-day operations in their office.
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