FWD Collective Summit - Investors & Entrepreneurs

Friday, September 15, 2017 - 08:00 to 11:00

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We are excited to invite you to be a part of the next FWD (For Women & Diversity) Collective Summit at mHub in Chicagos West Loop!

FWD Collective is a community dedicated to professional inclusion hosting summits internationally created by and for the ever-growing populations of diverse entrepreneurs. Our summits feature women, P.O.C., and underrepresented communities focusing on connecting emerging entrepreneurs with established business professionals through discussions on business development, innovation, venture capital, building teams, and beyond.

We started FWD Collective to challenge the norm. The need for inclusion awareness is growing exponentially around the world:
There are fewer Fortune 500 CEOs who are women (4.1%) than who are named David (4.5%) or John (5.3%)
41% of managers say they are too busy to implement diversity initiatives
83% of venture-backed founders have a racial composition that is entirely Caucasian
Only 5 out of all Fortune 500 companies have African American CEOs
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*This event is not limited to females only.


Event Timeline:
8:00am-8:30am - Registration
8:30am-11:45am - Sessions & Workshops
11:45am-12:00pm - FWD Awards
12:00pm-12:30pm - Lunch
12:30pm-1:30pm - Sessions & Workshops
1:30pm-3:30pm - Diversity and Inclusion Think Tank #DandIThinkTank
3:30pm-5:30pm - Sessions & Workshops
5:30pm-8:30pm - Closing Party
1-on-1 Investor meetings will take place throughout the day based on availability
Investors sign up here
Entrepreneurs indicate interest on your ticket registration
Summit Location:
mHub Chicago
965 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL
Parking info: Here
Our info:
Website: www.fwdcollective.io
Tickets: http://fwdcollective.io/event/chicago17tickets
FB URL: https://www.facebook.com/fwdcollectiveio
Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/fwdcollectiveio/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fwdcollectiveio
Contact: [masked]


965 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642