Strategic Growth Program

The Strategic Growth Program is VentureSHOT's premier collaboration and mentoring service for entrepreneurs that want to grow their business and take their success to the next level.

  • Opportunity Recognition: Referral partnership introductions and development, strategic revenue pipelines identification.
  • People Connectivity and Networking: Mentoring opportunities, office hours. Networks of angels, mentors, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Brand Building: Brand vision, business development exposure and new customer acquisition strategy.
  • Training Services and Workshops: Founder support meetings, presentation coaching, and revenue growth and acceleration events.
VentureSHOT will transform your business to grow your revenues, scale your business, and help you get funded. The SGP is action-oriented and results-driven to help entrepreneurs create sustainable and profitable businesses that the entrepreneur will enjoy owning and running.
• Our Strategic Growth Program infrastructure provides mentoring and founder support, networking opportunities, entrepreneur collaborations, presentation coaching and more.
• Set actionable goals, grow your revenues and measure your growth.
• Alternative funding introductions to help your business grow without giving up equity.
Additionally, enjoy the full benefits of participation in the VentureSHOT space, including but not limited to:
  • Access to VentureSHOT “Meet the Money” Meet & Greets with angel and venture capital representatives.
  • Free participation in (or major discounts for) special workshops designed to grow your business.
  • Entrepreneur-friendly co-working space.
  • Wi-Fi Access.
  • Physical address benefits: mail delivery, community kitchen, etc.

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