Vicolo Tours

Vicolo Tours designs and runs curated, intimate tours of Italy that breathe the warmth of the Roman sun. Whether it's your first or fourth time in the Eternal City, we'll show you a side of her that you've never seen before.

Co-founder Russell Gonzalez has spent the last three years in Italy organizing tours and events. With his knowledge and connections in the restaurant scene and sites around the city, he'll open doors to hidden treasures in one of the oldest, most captivating cities on Earth.

Co-founder Jeremy Kanne started his career as a civil engineer, but has since become a sought-after photographer, videographer, and brand designer in Chicago's startup scene. He will accompany the tours, taking photos and videos along the way. At the end of the trip, you'll receive a personalized "scrapbook" of your experience with us in Rome.

Come to Italy with us! Feel like you went with family and had the time of your life. Check out our webiste to sign up and request tour information.